"Strive to become the best you & enjoy life!"

Lynn Ackerman

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ASFA Certified Group Fitness & Boot Camp Instructor

Staying fit and being physically active has always been on Lynn’s daily To Do list. “It has always helped me enjoy my life more!” 

Lynn grew up playing sports like basketball and tennis, and you will regularly find her in the gym or outside golfing, running, cycling, doing yoga, and enjoying the outdoors. She worked as a financial advisor for 15 years, and understands the challenges of work-life balance, hectic schedules, and long hours. “I’ve always used fitness and working out to not only help me look and feel my best, but it helps me stay balanced in my life, and better able to combat the challenges and stress that life throws my way.” 

She earned her personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and is passionate about teaching others the benefits of combining strength, flexibility, balance and endurance into their lifestyle. Lynn specializes in interval training and is a TRX Qualified Trainer. She enjoys keeping up on all the new fitness trends, and regularly incorporates fresh ideas into her workouts. 

Lynn started Real Life Fitness to share her knowledge and passion with others, and to help make fitness fun and a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle. She loves to see members improve and reach their goals, and to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Lynn and her husband Eric have lived in the western suburbs for close to 15 years, and enjoy traveling and spending time with their two dogs Atlas and Lily. 

"It's not just about exercise or looking good - it's about feeling good too"

Kim Dziewinski

ASFA Certified Group Fitness & Boot Camp Instructor

Everyday activity was part of family life growing up in Chicago. Kim played everything the Park District had to offer to organized sports teams in high school and beyond. Although being active, Kim struggled with her weight. After unsuccessful battles with gimmicks and fads, she learned that proven consistency of smart choices, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle could give big results.

Kim has worked hard to maintain a healthy body and knows what it takes to get results. She is committed to helping others do the same, that’s why she started Real Life Fitness.  

“Fitting in a fitness plan is especially hard when you’re working full time and raising a family. It’s so easy to make excuses. Real Life Fitness can show you that you can make time for a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing work or family commitments”.

Kim is currently in her 3rd term as President of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association. She and her husband enjoy bike riding, hitting the ski slopes and are certified scuba divers. They have lived in the western suburbs for 22 years and have 2 children, Jonathan 18 and Jessie 12.

"Strength training is in my blood & seeing results to goals is always on my mind"

Eric Zeuthen

ASFA Certified Group Fitness & Boot Camp Instructor

Eric has been active in many team and individual sports from a very young age: swimming, football, wrestling, track & field, beach volleyball, golf and weight lifting.  Physical training has always been a strong influence throughout his life both from a mind & body perspective.  

Sports taught him the discipline of setting and reaching his goals, and taking on challenges.  He incorporates his experiences from being an athlete into his everyday life, always striving to have himself and his team succeed. Eric opened RLF to help others build confidence, achieve their goals and be successful both inside the gym & in their personal lives.

Eric is now a successful family man & salesman in the IT Industry and puts forth the same focus into his family & clients.  Married to his beautiful wife Lynn, they raise their 2 furry canine kiddos, living in the western Chicago suburbs for close to 15 years.

"Exercise is a great stress reliever that helps maintain a healthy balance between work and home life"

John Dziewinski

ASFA Certified Group Fitness & Boot Camp Instructor

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been an important part of John’s life.  Whether it was spending the day skateboarding as a youth or making time for the gym as an adult, being active is always part of the day.  

Becoming part of the fitness community and opening a space like Real Life Fitness was always a dream for John. John believes having a place where clients can come to improve themselves physically will also have the added benefit of reducing stress which we all need in our daily lives.

John and his wife Kim have lived in the western suburbs for the last 22 years with their son Jonathan, 18 and daughter Jessica, 12.